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According to Hunger in America 2014, client households often survive on limited budgets and are confronted with choices between paying for food and paying for other essentials. These dilemmas can put households in the position of choosing between competing necessities.

$1 = 6 meals

People near you are having to make some of these choices on a daily basis.

BackPack Program

This program provides extra support for children who rely on free or reduced-price school lunches so they have nutritious foods to eat at home on the weekends. Just $100 provided one child with a weekend backpack for the entire school year

School Pantry Program

School pantries provide a more readily accessible source of food assistance to low-income students and their families. These pantries offer ongoing food assistance services and have a significant impact on the lives of children living with food insecurity.

Senior Grocery Box Program

The Senior Grocery Box Program provides a 45-50 pound box of food each month to senior citizens on a fixed-income. Just $200 provides one senior citizen with a year’s worth of supplemental boxes.