The Food Bank's Bi-Annual Newsletter

The Food Bank’s Bi-Annual Newsletter

Summer 2022 Food Bank of Eastern Michigan Newsletter

Read the latest issues of our Newsletter to find out more about the partnerships coming together in our community to help those in need.

Each issue highlights the innovative programs that are helping families, senior citizens and children in neighborhoods across eastern Michigan.  Your support of hunger relief through volunteerism or contribution is helping to make a difference.

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What’s inside this issue

  • Higher Costs Leave Cupboard Bare
  • Partners in Fresh Produce
  • Honoring Our Volunteers
  • Building a Sustainable Hunger Relief Network

The Food Bank and our hunger relief partners are feeling the effects of inflation as well. As costs rise, donations of both food and funds have decreased and we must purchase food when and where we can. Right now, food banks are paying about 40% more for food and transportation costs have risen by more than 20% in the last year. These increased expenses are hard to absorb even in the short-term, yet with the current economy we may be facing long- term difficulties. Your support is essential to our mission. Your gift provides not just food, but also a bit of hope to your neighbors who need both right now.

*If you’d like more information about what you see highlighted in the newsletter, please call us directly at (810) 239-4441
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