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Nutrition Education

There are detrimental physical, emotional, and behavioral consequences that many hungry people suffer from on a daily basis in our society.

Proper nutrition is an essential part of growth and development mentally and physically for the human body. It is extremely important for emergency food recipients to receive food that is rich in nutritional value, but many food pantry and soup kitchen staff have and inadequate understanding of the human body’s needs.

Because of this gap in education the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan has developed a Nutrition education class that is available for all of our agencies staff. The class targets special nutritional needs of those who are malnourished and at risk clients that are in danger of malnourishment. This class also explains the food pyramid and how it applies to different age groups.

It helps the staff to understand what counts as a serving, portion size, and what foods fit into the designated USDA categories for healthy nutrition.


Your gift will aid in the efforts to relieve childhood hunger. Your donations in support of the program is the single best way to help the cause. You can also get involved with your local community schools and help bring the program to your local district. You may volunteer your services to help stuff backpacks during the school day.